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    Developed with the help of some of South Africa’s established women writers, this sections answers a series of anticipated questions that some of these writers have themselves asked

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    Every writer, but particularly those who are starting out, has at some point during the course of their writing process, sought advice, support and guidance on how to navigate the often-lonely undertaking of writing. Some writers have been fortunate enough to have had real life mentors, who have been present to listen and respond to their questions, and in a manner of speaking hold their hand as they undertook the journey towards finding their voice and developing ways of giving expression to it. The motivation behind the setting up of this section of our website was our desire to provide budding writers with an online equivalent of the help that one might get from a real life mentor. This section of our website is set up as a virtual guide, incorporating tips and guides that serve as a resource that respond to the kinds of questions that most starting out writers have asked, This section is organised into two sections, namely

    - Frequently asked questions

    - and Ask a mentor

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